To be honest, there’s not a quick answer to this question.  

We are a diverse people in the Greater Toronto Area who realize that the faith and tradition in which we once thrived, no longer works for us.  Many of us no longer want to be associated with a religion that is not completely open to LGBQT+ people.  Many of us are uncomfortable in a world that fits neatly into categories of good/evil, in/out, heaven/hell.  Many of us reject the idea that a divine being would require blood sacrifice for forgiveness.  Others simply feel they have outgrown the church they have known.

As people jump ship from a religion once important to them, we hope to be a life boat; a space where you can reimagine your faith alongside others looking to do the same.  

Progressive Faith Collective hopes to provide



Whenever one begins to question the long-held teachings of a faith community, that person takes a risk.  It can be painful and isolating for the questioner. Progressive Faith Collective provides space in which everyone feels safe to express their questions and critiques, knowing they are not alone.   Fellow questioners will find refuge with us.  You don’t have to watch what you say.  We welcome and encourage diversity of thought.


It is impossible to heal in the environment in which you were wounded.  We cannot remove your scars, but we can be a safe place for your wounds to heal.  We are a community of belonging and discovery.  We do not want to suppress who you are or how you think, but provide space for all you hope to become.  


Once a person’s beliefs begin shifting beyond a tradition, sadly, relationships are often lost.  This can be the hardest part of an evolving faith. Progressive Faith Collective is a place you can belong.  A belonging not dependent upon one’s ideas about God, but built upon a community of people dedicated to growing together.  If that sounds appealing to you, we just might just be your people!


Rethinking one part of your faith (e.g. would a loving God really torture someone for eternity and call it justice?) gives birth to other questions, begging to be answered.  We believe this is healthy and good.  Progressive Faith Collective values discussion, learning, exploration and experiment, not just in areas of faith, but in all aspects of life.  We do not exist to tell you what you should believe, but to create the space in which you can discover healthy beliefs and practices that makes sense for you.  

Although Progressive Faith Collective remains an independent collective, we are greatly appreciative for the support and funding from the United Church of Canada.